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2009-04-11 22:42:33 by Sandragon

If you give me a 0 on a art at least tell me why you give that horrible rating. we got all differents styles and if you just dont understand the characther its not a good reason. Dont rate a poor number if you dont gona explain why .

When i upload my art the crop image did not appear at the first time but when its finaly appear its just a black weird screen where is written *submit* but how i can post a decent crop image if i cant see a shit? ..

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2009-10-21 00:44:48

now there a art portal you can submit your art there


2011-02-14 21:57:26

Is this yours? Because It should be in the art portal.

Still, its good... anyway, do you like madness?

Sandragon responds:

yeah like you see i post that on 2009 when i did not knew that art portal existed ..now like you see i post them in the right place . . and yes Dja samad is all mine .. you can see my art on Deviantart at the name of Sandragon too .


2011-02-15 16:31:54

These are amazing drawing skills!

Sandragon responds:

thanks much ^^ i do the best i can .


2011-03-07 22:56:16

Where the hell are those licensed artists?!

You need to be scouted pronto!!!

Sandragon responds:

lol glad that you thing i deserve to get scouted ^^ .. i maybe have to post more art..but i tough ppls maybe dont like them .


2011-03-16 23:01:56

Its not that people don't like your art, its probably due to the fact you don't have much recognition on the site. Don't worry, we all had to fare this problem at some point.

Sandragon responds:

well that not help the fact that i dont do animations ...i would like to but i dont have the materiel .. :/ ...and i am so busy whit my painting and other art.i dont know if ill have the time to do animations.

Well animay im happy to show my art on newgrounds i luv that site ^^


2011-03-18 14:11:58

Hi, i really like your art. Can you help me get scouted and if you can, look at my art.

Sandragon responds:

i dont know how to help about that XD i do not know at all that our art needed to get scouted before appear on the portal .. and thanks for the compliment :3


2011-04-24 01:28:05

esti de tabarnaque

Sandragon responds:

Eu pourquoi tu sacre ? lol ..

why some mean words here ? XD