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Im a artist whos like to draw all the days i wish that i can put into a large animation all my great characthers,but i sucks at animation . And if somewone wonder, I am Sandragon from Deviantart and Furafinitty. Je parle aussi francais

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Quebec (Canada)

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Posted by Sandragon - April 11th, 2009

If you give me a 0 on a art at least tell me why you give that horrible rating. we got all differents styles and if you just dont understand the characther its not a good reason. Dont rate a poor number if you dont gona explain why .

When i upload my art the crop image did not appear at the first time but when its finaly appear its just a black weird screen where is written *submit* but how i can post a decent crop image if i cant see a shit? ..

new post

Posted by Sandragon - July 24th, 2008

Yeaaah a new art... Limpide are a faun of my creation shes an nature protector! She is here whit a Mouthree (creation of my bestfriend Lucia M) long time i dont came here . My Flash are totaly sucks i cant do a work whit ..Its always lag and close alone..Same whit my new PC..its cost big and its a load of Shi%u0166 . Anyway that maybe mean that i cant do a cool animation but i can keep posting arts on my journal that show that i love art ^^ ..Art are a part of animation.

Sandragon the return

Posted by Sandragon - April 23rd, 2008

Yay new journal :D

Well im good for drawing but im poor for understand Flash . I tryed it and i forgotten everything that
i learned..And also if my english look like pretty weird its because im talking french :Þ Im from Quebec like i mention left here <---- under my drawing whit this red beautyyyful dragon :D Hes called Le mal and hes my most great creation i drawed him much . Hes a vampire dragon and yeah hes not kind xD . I wish that i can animated my art i will can do very cool story .. i have a toons of idea..

Somewone written today retarded message on my journal what the point?...I receive much retard comment here ..On my Art gallerie site i never received bad world like this. Or if i do receive wrong world the peoples are get banned from the site.


Posted by Sandragon - April 15th, 2008

Peoples getting fun to rate useless everything for being a dumbass this is borring.. Peoples have nothing better to do than do everything for be simply uuseless itself.

Im impressionate about how many different type of sens of humor peoples can like..I have seen many animation here whos i found borring as hell and peoples rate them 10..But I have to admit that im very hard to made laugh.

And for your information to you all no im not talking english im French from Quebec (Canada) :þ

And here down a new drawing of mine that i done for a good friend whos like Dragons.


Posted by Sandragon - April 3rd, 2008

-I start to hate this place its full of too weird peoples.

-here again the full art of my avatar and yes i made the full art myself.


Posted by Sandragon - April 1st, 2008

1-Is that Blams are good or bad thing?..i dunt knooow!

<--The full art of my avatar.-->
Yess i have done this art!

Woot ^^

Posted by Sandragon - March 31st, 2008

My flash get removed ..when worst thing exist here..oooh well..
My animation skill are i guess to bad for NG. Still that im very talented for art and if one day i came whit a greater animation i can post it here.

-woot exemple of my talent <3 -